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South Coast PMR Net

Started by Razz229, Jun 27, 2022, 03:30 PM

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Hello all and welcome

Yes I'm back after my week of face to face rag talking .

Here is another episode of Ray Reviews the Monday Night/South Coast PMR Net


"boasting your the biggest doesn't make you the best"

The net was held on Monday 30th of October 2023 and could be found on its usual analogue channel of 14.

My set up for the night was the 12 volt car battery 🔋 powered QYT KT-8900D and the £1 mag mount, which allowed me to test 4 different car parks on Ashdown 🌲 Forest.

The net is scheduled to start at 20:00 hrs 🕗, 8 o'clock pm 🕗 or 19:00 UTC 🕖, but sometimes you can hear people chatting away pre-net.

The weather for the night was changeable. It started cold and cloudy, with the odd break in the cloud which revealed a 3/4 moon 🌖, then some drizzle followed by fog.

Now on with the list stations that called in and were heard and or worked by the net.

D 31--Adam--Hastings--East Sussex 🥇
C V M--Nigel--Crowborough--East Sussex
CT 4610--Andy Bartman--Reigate Hill--Surrey
OM 001--Graham--Burgess Hill--West Sussex
CT 4362--Chris--Reigate Town--Surrey
CT 1033--Chris--Tonbridge--Kent
Russell--Tonbridge--Kent--Heard on Ashdown Forest 🌳
CT 4515--John--Ditchling Beacon--East Sussex
Techno Tony aka FB 298--Tony--Brighton--East Sussex
DDB 285--Steve the Joker--Reigate Hill--Surrey
CT 1829--Dean--Edenbridge--Kent
TW 460--Richard--Tunbridge Wells--Kent
CT 4015--Tony--Brighton--East Sussex
CT 4952--Julian--Brighton--East Sussex
KP 441--Steve--Mobile 🚙 A281--West Sussex
CT 3466--Radar Ray--Crowhurst--Surrey
VT 01--Roy--Biggin Hill--Southeast London or Kent?
and me CT 2290--Ray--Ashdown Forest 🌴--East Sussex--in the chair 💺

As always, thank you all who took time to call in and join us for a couple of hours on a Monday night, special mention to the listening stations, you know who you are. Sorry if you tried to call in and wasn't heard, please give it a go another Monday.

The results to the car park test was as follows.
Each car park had its pro's 👍 and con's 👎, some were good in one direction but not in the other.

The conclusion.
Radio corner is the best place if you put up a mobile dual band antenna on a 9m pole or use a beam.

That brings this episode to an end, thank you for reading.

Best 73 and TTFN

Ray 2290 with the piece of slate, hammer 🔨 and chisel


Hello and welcome

Here is another episode of 'Ray Reviews' the PMR net, which was held on Monday 06-11-2023


"was that my knees knocking or someone at the window?"

The net was (is) held on analogue channel 14 NFM using no CTCSS codes or the like and is scheduled to start at 8 o'clock PM or 20:00 Hrs 🕗, but sometimes you can find people on having a pre net chat or moaning that 'chairman Ray is late again'.

My location and set up for the net was Radio Corner, Ashdown Forest 🌲 in the county of East Sussex and Radio used was the QYT KT-8900D powered by a car battery 🔋 and a PMR mobile antenna up on a pole.

The weather was cold, breezy with a clear sky, the temperature dropped 3 degrees while the net was on from 9 degrees C to 6 degrees C.

Here is the list of stations who called in and were heard and or worked by the net

KP 441--Steve--Devils Dyke--West Sussex 🥇
CT 1829--Dean--Ashdown Forest--East Sussex
CT 1033--Chris--Tonbridge--Kent
DDB 285--Steve (Joker)--Reigate Hill--Surrey
TK 8--George--Tonbridge--Kent
OM 001--Graham--Burgess Hill--West Sussex
C V M--Nigel--Isle of Sheppey--Kent
DDB 342--Andy (Bartman)--Reigate Hill--Surrey
CT 4859--Richard--Amersham--Buckinghamshire
CT 4515--John--Ditchling Beacon--East Sussex
CT 4362--Chris--Reigate Town--Surrey
TC 156--Steve--Gatwick--West Sussex
T 187--Toby--Radio Corner Ashdown Forest 🌲--East Sussex--Using a 5 watt handy
AL 1--Allan--Redhill--Surrey
CT 3466--Radar Ray--Crowhurst--Surrey
CT 2074--Steve T--Tonbridge--Kent
CT 2207--Neil--Crowborough--East Sussex
D 31--Adam--Hastings--East Sussex
CT 4013--Tony--Brighton--East Sussex
and me CT 2290--Ray--Radio Corner Ashdown Forest 🌲--East Sussex

Thank you all who called in and thank you to the listening stations, who know who they are.
If you tried to call in and wasn't heard, please try again another day or another time during the net.

Topics of conversation, Nigel making contact with Tonbridge & Radio Corner.

That brings this review to an end, thanks for reading and remember, if you spot a mistake or I have left something out, let me know so I can correct it.

73 & TTFN

Ray 2290 with the charcoal and Silver Birch bark.


Hello and welcome

Here is another episode of Ray Reviews the South Coast/Monday Night PMR Net


"Nets 2 - Storms 0"

The net was held on Monday 13-11-2023 and was on PMR analogue channel 14 using NFM and not using any tones or codes.

My location for the night was Radio Corner, Ashdown Forest 🌳 in the county of East Sussex (JO-01-BB) and the set up was the QYT KT-8900 D, powered by a car battery 🔋 and the mobile antenna up on a pole.

The starting time for the net is scheduled for 20:00 hours or 8 o'clock PM 🕗 UK time, but, sometimes if you tune in earlier, you will find people having a pre-net chat.

For the weather report, the net had Storm Debi for company, which didn't keep the true hilltoppers off the hills

Now on with the list of who called in and was heard and or worked by the net

CT 2072--Steve T--Wrotham Hill--Kent 🥇
CT 1033--Chris--Tonbridge--Kent
OM 001-Graham--Burgess Hill--West Sussex
CT 4515--John--Ditchling Beacon--East Sussex
TK 8--George--Tonbridge--Kent
C V M--Nigel--Crowborough--East Sussex--not in the camper van
AL 1--Allan--Redhill--Surrey
D 31--Adam--Butts Brow--East Sussex
GE 12--Tim--Butts Brow--East Sussex--Shotgun with Adam
CT 2207--Neil--Crowborough--East Sussex
DDB 285--Steve--Reigate Hill--Surrey
AMC 1966--Boris--Bexhill--East Sussex
DDB 342--Andy--Reigate Hill--Surrey
MD 26--Dave--Bexhill--East Sussex
CT 4013--Tony--Brighton--East Sussex
CT 3466--Radar Ray--Crowhurst--Surrey
CT 4859--Richard--Amersham--Buckinghamshire
TC 156--Steve--Gatwick--West Sussex
The Police 🚓 --Ashdown Forest 🌳 --East Sussex
and me CT 2290--Ray--Ashdown Forest 🌳 --East Sussex--In the chair 💺

Thank you all who called in, thank you to the Hastings channel 12 group for joining us and thank you to the hilltoppers who again, faced down the windy weather. Sorry if you tried and wasn't heard, please do try again another night or another time on the night.

Some of the topics of conversations were, Bluetooth mic's, my Deer 🦌 incident, Andy's radio/antenna and the windy weather.

That just about brings this episode to an end, if you see any mistakes let me know and I will happily correct them

73 and TTFN

Ray 2290 keeper of the log 🪵


Hello Everyone

Welcome to another Monday night PMR report on the 20th November
As you may know Mr Ray was a little busy boy again so I stepped in and kept the Big leather chair warm  ;D  ;D  ;D .

Weather was cool and clear with a few stars in the night sky Awesome  8)  8)  8) .

Location for the night was Ditchling Beacon IO90WV76 . Space-U on a home brew 5 element Yagi on battery rotator . Leisure battery for power. A small box stove for coffee making and a couple coconut macaroons for supper MMMM  ;D  ;D  ;D .

List of stations that called in as follows in no particular order. All being 26 Division.

CT4627/ DDB 285 Steve Radio corner
CT4610     Andy Radio corner
D31        Adam Hastings
CT4013     Tony Brighton
OM001      Graham Burgesshill
CT1829     Dean Eden bridge I think  :o
AL1        Alan Redhill
London Calling Mark MMM London  ;D
CVM        Nigel  Crowborough
CT3466     Ray Crowhurst
K1         Kieran Brighton
AMC1966    Boris Bexhill
MD26       Dave Bexhill
KP441      Steve  Mobile   :D
CT2207     Neil Crowborough
Star Gazer Tony  Some where on the A23
TK8        George Tonbridge
TC156      Steve Gatwick

The one and only  CI2290 Mr Ray  the keeper of the radio waves 

Well that wraps up this episode.
Thank you to all who called in and allowing me to keep the leather chair warm  :)  :)
Look forward to next time . Thank you to all the SWL listeners .

Hopefully I got everyone , if I missed any one please let me know and I will correct it , Until next time I will say 73's

Hope to catch you on air sometime soon 

Regards John CT4515 with the laptop & Smart phone LOL

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