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Hello UK

Started by 14FRS119, Oct 14, 2023, 11:49 AM

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Hello !

My name is Jacky.
Callsign 14FRS119.
I live in the city of COUTANCES, Normandy France.

I am MOTOROLA addict, and have many MOTOROLA GP, CM and GM.

Very happy to join you.
Sorry for my English, i will try no to write with too much mistakes.

Best 73
14FRS119  Jacky
Normandy France


Hello Jacky and welcome to our small website. :)

Thank you for the pmr contact with me a week ago, I was using my CT4013 call then. I was a great pleasure for me as you were my first contact into 14 Division.

Best 73,


Hello Tony !
Thanks for your message.
It is always a great pleasure for me to contact 26 division on PMR 446.

Have a good week end !
Best 73
14FRS119  Jacky
Normandy France


Hello Jacky

Welcome to the allradio forum.

Best 73

Ray CT 2290


Thanks a lot Ray !!!  :D
Best 73
14FRS119  Jacky
Normandy France


Hello Jacky

Welcome to forum. Glad to have you onboard . Look forward to speak to you soon on the forum on on air sometime soon. I still can't believe our contact from handy to handy across the pond as they would say .
just for your info the grid locator for my location most of the time on Ditchling Beacon is IO90WV.

Hope to catch you on air sometime soon .

Best 73s John CT4515


Welcome along Jacky!

All the best from Brighton my friend, 73'

26CT1074 :)

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