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My attempts to get FT8 working

Started by M7DVQ, Jan 23, 2023, 02:28 PM

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Very good work!

Just snuck into your log, I believe?

Webmaster at Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society
#msars @MidSussexARS


Yes thanks Bernie, I recognised your callsign when you answered my CQ call. :)

ps. Myself & John popped up to Jack & Jill for the MOTA and was informed we missed you by about an hour. :(   


Four months on from my country count of 69 I have reached the grand total of 75. ???

Still need 25 to get a total of 100 within 12 months, will I or won't I that is the question?

12 Months is up on 1st Feb 2024

ps. Finally got Iceland in the log after 3/4 months of trying! ;D

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