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Weather Balloon Tracking

Started by M7DVQ, Jan 16, 2023, 07:17 PM

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A hobby which appears to be gaining more interest is tracking the balloons with capsules attached, these balloons send back data to various ground stations and the signals can be picked up on 70cm radios. (including the dreaded Baofeng handhelds). 8)

Ray G4NSJ has a page on his site about this which is excellent and well worth a look. See here:- Radio Workshop

There are also a number of good videos on Youtube, one of which is shown below.

If this type of thing interests you please let us know in this thread. (Free membership is required to post).


This video too. A great way to pick up some free hardware.

LoRa is my favourite radio technology of all.

and Andreas Spiess runs my two favourite YouTube channels. I want to be him. No, really.

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Hello !

I am a weather high altitude ballons hunter. ( chaser ? I am not sure of my word )
I use one TTGO for tracking and another TTGO for hunt ( chase ? ) on the field.

You can use this wonderful website:!mt=Mapnik&mz=5&qm=0&mc=50.27683,-0.54356

Best 73
14FRS119  Jacky
Normandy France


Hello Jacky,
Have you managed to find any yet, and how long have you been chasing?

John (CT4515) and myself did watch on Sondehub for a time and found that very interesting. 8)

Best wishes & 73
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013



Yes i found a lot of weather radiosondes.

Some " METEOMODEM M10" from France and a lot of " VAISALA RS41" from UK, launched by LARKHILL and CAMBORNE weather stations.
This is the beginning of the good "season"  for us in Normandy, a lot of english RS41 will come with the wind  ;D  ;D  ;D
14FRS119  Jacky
Normandy France


Great, well done! :)
Unfortunately I stopped driving many years ago so cannot chase & collect any. But it looks like a wonderful hobby to have.

Cheers & 73
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013

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