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Official Sunday Night PMR446 Ch8 UK Net

Started by Tony, Dec 05, 2022, 07:08 PM

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PMR Log Sunday 10th September
KM19 Widnes
Nigel West Aughton
Eddie Skelmersdale
Martin West Aughton
Mike Skelmersdale
Jim Skelmersdale
Steve Keele Staffs
Hamilton Wigan
Alan Abergele North Wales
Tony St. Helens
James Widnes
Charlie Kidsgrove
Rod Grimsby
Chris Old Colwyn
Daz St. Helens
Ros Wythenshaw
Martin Newton le Willows
Ian Buxton mobile
Adam Wigan
Ewan Windy Hill Rochdale
Gaz Stockport
Steve Newcastle under Lyme
Simon Holme Firth
Eddie Ashton in Makerfield
Bob Guide Bridge
AndyP Matchmoor Lane Bolton
Pete (me) Ashurst Beacon
Only 27 stations logged a very quiet night
Thanks to all that called in
Test and Chat will be on Thursday night Ch6 at 7pm


Sundays PMR 8&8 net on ch6
                17th September
Nigel           Lowton
AndyP         Ashurst Beacon
Pete            Ashurst Beacon
Brad            Ramsbottom
AndyG        Matchmoor lane Winterhill
James        Wythenshawe
Nigel           CO12  Westhoughton
Mike            Bury
Mike            Winsford
Mr Mike      Mow Cop
Martin         Westhoughton
Tony            St Helen's
Brian            Runcorn
Barry Chuckle   Crewe
Charlie         Kidsgrove
Ross             Wythenshawe
Mike             Skelmersdale
Eddie            Skelmersdale
Pete              Runcorn
Neil               Bilinge
Archie           Sandbatch
Gordon         Hyde
Gaz               Stockport
Pat                Bury
Dave              Liverpool
H                    Wigan
Bob                Guide Bridge
Steve             Keele
Danny            Wythenshawe
Jim                 Skelmersdale
Aidey              Emily Moor
Max                Stalybridge
Thanks all for joining in the net sorry if we missed anyone,  was a tad quiet at times But not a bad haul considering


Sunday 22nd October 2023 PMR446 NET 8&8 ch6
1. Pete (Ashurst beacon)
2.Andyp (Ashurst beacon)
3. Mike (Skelmersdale)
4. Eddie (Skelmersdale)
5. Tom (Chester)
6. Phil (Page moss)
7. Harry (Great orme)
8. Chris (Old colwyn)
9. Pete (Runcorn)
10. Jim (Skelmersdale)
11.Mike (Winsford)
12. Dan (Wigan)
13. Nigel (West aughton)
14.Nigel (Lowton)
15. Max (Stalybridge)
16. James (Wythenshawe)
17. John (Mobile Pemberton)
18. Tony (St helens)
19. Brian (Denton)
20. Daz (St helens)
21. Geoff (leigh)
22. Bob (Guidebridge)
23. Richie (Huyton)
24. Steve (Newcastle-under-lyme)
25. John (Hoylake)
26. John (blackpool)
27. Johnj (Blackpool)
28. John (Warrington)
29. John boy (Stockport)
30. Kev (Liverpool)
Well that concludes tonight's log.thanls to everyone who called in this evening.73's for now until the next time 🙂


Sundays PMR 8&8 net on ch6 *** 29th October
Eddie           Skelmersdale
Mike             Skelmersdale
Nigel            Westhoughton
Jim               Skelmersdale
Mike             Winsford
Steve            Newcastle u Lyme
Brad             Ramsbottom
Tony             St Helen's
Kenny           Southport
John             Cheadle
AndyG           Over Darwin
Tom              Chester
Charlie          Kidsgrove
Gaz                Stockport
Tony              Altrincham
Nigel             Lowton
AndyP           Home ?
James           Wythenshawe
Paul               Prestwich
Martin           Wythenshawe hospital
John        Blackpool relayed via Mike Skem
Other John   Blackpool relayed via Mike
Pete               Home qth
Hamilton      Wigan
Nigel             mobile  Ewloo A55
John             Wigan
Martin           Tintwistle mobile
Bob                Guide Bridge
Liam              Stockport
Gordon          Hyde
Kyla               Chester
John              Warrington
Martin            Westhoughton???
Max                Stalybridge
Many thanks all for joining in the net sorry if we missed anyone got busy at times then quite,  till next Sunday 73s  don't forget Thursdays test and chat night ch6 19.00pm .Steve I did call you back was busy when you called in

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