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Official Sunday Night PMR446 Ch8 UK Net

Started by Tony, Dec 05, 2022, 07:08 PM

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Sunday from 8pm on Channel 8 (446.09375)
This net is mainly Midlands and North but could be worth a try down South.
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Sunday 14th May
Mark - Newcastle under Lyne
Steve - Keele
Andy - Matchmoor lane
Andy P - Ashurst Beacon
Mark - Chorley
John - Warrington
Eddie - Skelmersdale
Max - Stalybridge
Pete - Ashurst Beacon
Hamilton - Wigan
Pete - Runcorn
Gaz - Stockport
Chris - Stoke on Trent
Redhead - Crompton Moors
Dave - Lowton
Steve - St Helens
Ant - Stretford
Mike - Skelmersdale
Tony - Altrincham
Alan - Wigan
Tony - Wigan
Ang - Wigan
Dave - St Helens
Brian - Stoke
Tom - Chester
Adam - Wigan
Bob - Guide Bridge
James - Wythenshaw
Dave - Llandudno
Steve - Litherland
Chris - North Wales
Stacey - Skelmersdale
Dave - Stockport
Nigel - Lowton
Steve - Newcastle under Lyne
Mark - St Helens
Colin - Wrexham
Pat - Mermaid
Dave - Beacon Fell
40 for the evening, thank you all for calling in


Sunday 21st May.        PMR Log
Mick Barry  Winter Hill
Pete Ashurst Beacon
Eddie Skelmersdale
Mike Skelmersdale
Dave Lowton
Andy Stretford
Gary Middleton
Pat Buxton/Leek
Peter Farnworth
Nigel Lowton
Mark Rivington
Jeff Loughboro (relayed)
Peter Rivington
Paul Huyton
AndyG Gt Harwood
Kev Liverpool
Arthur Burscough
Steve Keele
John Shevington
Stuart Bolton
Total 20
Thanks to all who took the time out to call in.


Sundays PMR 8&8 net ch6
                  28 May
Mike       Skelmersdale
Pete        High Moor
Pat           Bury
Hamilton   Wigan
Ash          Duckinfield
Paul          Wirral
Pete          Runcorn
Nigel          Lowton
AndyP       Ashurst Beacon +mobile
Alan           Wigan  Welly
AndyG       Longton
Nigel          CO 12  West Houton
Paul           Bilinge Hill  ??
Colin          Wrexham
Steve         Newcastle u Lyme
Brad           Ramsbottom
Charlie       Kidsgrove  Stoke-on-Trent
Pat             The Mermaid  nr Leek
Dave           Beacon Fell
Jim             Skelmersdale
Steve          Heywood
Warren       Flixton
Bob             Guide Bridge
Richard       Huyton
Steve           St Helens
Andrew       Runcorn
Danny         Wythenshawe
Charlie       Longmind   Stretton
Mark           Blackpool
James        Wythenshawe
Gaz             Stockport
Dave           Congleton
Tony           St Helen's
Max            Stalybridge Tameside
Great net last night thanks everyone who joined in sorry if we missed anyone
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Runners and riders from tonight's net 04/06/23, sadly it finished early due to someone who gets his/her kicks from spoiling the fun of others
AndyP Matchmoor Ln
KM19 Kenny Widnes
MickB high ground Bolton
Mike Skelmersdale
Chris nr Colwyn
Pete Runcorn
Paul Failsworth
John Wirral
Jason Wythenshaw
Tony St Helens
Nigel Lowton
Mark St Helens
John Warrington
Peter Holywell North Wales
David Congleton mobile
Steve Rishton ???
Richard Huyton
Mr Mike Mow Cop
Ross Wythenshaw
Charlie Kidsgrove
Dan Mostyn Wirral
Howard somewhere in Lancs
Mark Blackpool
Alan Wigan
Andy G Matchmoor Ln
This has been created from memory and notes due to a group hitch
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Sunday 25/06/2023
Steve , Keele Staffs
Mike 1, Liverpool
Steve, Great Harwood
AndyP, Skelmersdale mobile / Ashurst Beacon
Martin, West Aughton
Chris, Old Colwyn (Wales)
Mike, Skelmersdale
Peter, Runcorn
KM19 / Kenny, Widnes
Max, Stayley Bridge
Mark J, St.Helens
Tony, St.Helens
John, Wirral
Ross, Wythenshaw
Mo, Halkyn Mountain
Nigel, Lowton
Jo, Lowton
Charlie, Kidsgrove
Jim , Whaley Bridge
Eddie, Skelmersdale
Danny, Wythenshaw
Dave, Jeffrey Hill
Mike ,Birkenhead
Jim, Skelmersdale
Bob, Guide Bridge (relayed)
Mick, Bury
Kevin, Littleborough.
Ross, East Lancs Road mobile
Steve, St.Helens
Gaz, Stockport
Total 31 heard
Apologies from AndyG and HowardS
Plagued by one or two sad Mike keyers but we coped
Sorry if you couldn't get in , perhaps next week
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Sunday 2nd July
Phil - Liverpool
Pete - Cleives Hill
Michael - Cleives Hill
Hamilton - Wigan
Mike - Skelmersdale
Andy - Ashurst Beacon
Brad - Ramsbottom
Peter - Runcorn
Nigel - Lowton
Max -  M6
Alan - Wigan
Chris - Old Colwyn
Eddie - Skelmersdale
John - Breightmet
Kenny - Widnes
Steve - Kemple End
Darren - Rhyl
John - Wirral
Bernie - Wallasey
Steve - Newcastle under Lyne
Craig - Wythenshaw
Arthur - Burscough
Steve - Runcorn
Ross - Wythenshaw
Tony - StHelens
James - Wythenshaw
Jeff - St Helens
Malc - St Helens


Sundays PMR 8&8 net ch6
                9 July
Nigel      West Houton
Martin    West Houton
Lee          Leigh
Pete        Ashurst Beacon
AndyP     Ashurst Beacon
Mike        Skelmersdale
Mike        Ormskirk
Nigel        Lowton
Mike         Mow Cop
Tony         Altrincham
Eddie        Skelmersdale
AndyG       mobile   Abbey Village Chorley
Chris         Old Colwyn
Steve         Runcorn
Steve         Keele
Ant             Strettford
Glen           Chorley
Neil            St Helen's
Pete           Runcorn
Colin          Mow Cop
Rod            Salford
Ross          Duckinfield
Brad           Ramsbottom
Dave           Beacon Fell
Marek         Liverpool
Kev              Liverpool
Ross           Wythenshawe
James        Wythenshawe
Craig           Wythenshawe
Dave            Congleton
Mo               Halkyn Mountain
Steve           Keele
Steve           Newcastle u Lyme
Bob              Guide Bridge
Mike             Liverpool
Mike             Salford
Tom              Chester
Mark             Salford
Kenny           KM19 Widnes
Steve            St Helens
Max              Stalybridge Tameside
Thanks all for joining in the net difficulties at times with the music and keyer uppers but not a bad result 😉 😀
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Sundays PMR 8&8 net on ch6
                 16th July
Pete      Ashurst Beacon
Mike      Skelmersdale
Rob        Matchmoor lane Bolton
Dave      Lowton
Alan       Wigan
Ross      Wythenshawe
James   Wythenshawe
Martin   Westhoughton
Tony       St Helen's
Lee         Leigh
Wolf       Astley Bridge
Deo        Wigan
Eddie     Skelmersdale
Mark       St Helen's
AndyG    Matchmoor lane Bolton
Dave       Wirral
Chris       Old Colwyn
Paul         Moston
Neil          Moss Bank St Helen's
Pete         Holywell
John        Wythenshawe
John        Chester
Kenny       KM19 Widnes
Pete          Newton Le Willows
Bob           Guide Bridge Audenshaw
Charlie      Kidsgrove Stoke-on-Trent
Mark          Mobile M62
Steve         Stockport
Steve         Denton
Max            Stalybridge Tameside
Thanks all for joining in the net and sorry if we missed anyone, don't forget Thursdays test and chat night ch6 19.00pm


Sundays PMR 8&8 net on ch6
                    30th July
Pete            Ashurst Beacon
AndyP         Ashurst Beacon
Mike            Skelmersdale
Brad             Ramsbottom
Terry            Congleton
Nigel            Westhoughton
Phil               Liverpool
Hamilton     Wigan
Martin          Westhoughton
Bob               Guide Bridge
Jim               Skelmersdale
James         Wythenshawe
Tony             St Helen's
Tony             Altrincham
Pete             Runcorn
Eddie            Llandudno relayed Pete
Martin          Duckinfield
AndyG          Belmont  mobile
Liam             Stockport
Steve            Keele
Mark             Salford
John             Werneth Low
Alan              Welly  Wigan
Chris             Old Colwyn
Rob               Salford
Mike              Winsford
Ash                Duckinfield
Steve            Newcastle u Lyme
Nigel             Lowton
John             Wigan
Max               Stalybridge
Thanks all for joining in the net sorry if we missed anyone till next time 73s
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Sunday 6th August 2023 8&8 NET on ch6
1.   Steve  keel
2.   Nigel  west Aughton
3.   Mike  Skelmersdale
4.   Tony  St helens
5.   Andyp Ashurst beacon
6.   Adam  Wigan
7.   Pete  Ashurst beacon
8.   Nigel  Lowton
9.   Chris Old Colwyn
10. Peter  Runcorn
11. Steve Kemple end
12. Eddie Skelmersdale
13. Lee  dukinfield
14. Tom Chester
15. Hamilton  Wigan
16. Rodney  Salford
17. Ant  Stretford
18. Dave  Congleton
19. Dave  Chippin Village
20. Anton  Crewe
21. Colin  Wrexham
22. Dave  Wrexham
23. Max  Stalybridge
24. Bob  Guidebridge
25. Steve  St helens
26. Ant  Newcastle-under-Lyme
27. Pat  Bury
28. Mike  Winsford
29. Barry  Crewe
30. Paul  Huyton
31  Andrew  Runcorn
32. Ross  Wythenshawe
That concludes tonight's log.thank you to all who called in.catch you all again soon
              73's Andyp 😉


I see the 8 at 8 net has now moved to channel 6 with a possible Thursday night session as well.

Could be worth a few hill toppers with beams listening in on both nights, and would it be good if we could get a message from the south to the furthest north of the net and back again?


Sundays PMR 8&8 net on ch6 13 August

Chris           Old Colwyn
AndyP         Ashurst Beacon
Mike            Skelmersdale
Martin         Westhoughton
Nigel            Westhoughton
Steve           Keele
Pete             Ashurst Beacon
Ant               Beeston
AndyG          Darwin  Home
Eddie           Skelmersdale
Dave            Speak  Liverpool
Pete             Runcorn
Steve           Clithero
Mike             Winsford
Dave             Bolton
Tony             St Helen's
Mark             St Helen's
Howard        Home  Wigan
Nigel             Lowton
Andy             Skelmersdale
Tony             Altrincham
Lee               Kidsgreen  Wigan
Kenny  KM19  Widnes
Chris            Biddulph
Liam            Stockport
Steve           Newcastle u Lyme
Hamilton     Wigan
Bill                Settle
Adam           Wigan
Bob               Guide Bridge
James          Wythenshawe
Lee                Duckinfield
Steve             Anglezarke  Winterhill
Steve             Ashton in Makerfield
Rod                Salford
Ant                 Strettford
Dave              Farnworth
Max               Stalybridge
Thanks all for joining in the net sorry if we missed anyone
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Sundays PMR 8&8 net on ch6 20th August

Brad          Ramsbottom
Pete          Runcorn
Daz            Newton Le Willows  fishing
Mike          Ashurst Beacon
AndyP        Ashurst Beacon
Pete            Ashurst Beacon
Mike 19      Liverpool
Dave          Olviston Lake District  relayed
Tony            St Helen's
Lee              Stockport
Chris          Old Colwyn high up
Kev              Liverpool
Phil              Liverpool
Tom            Chester
Kenny  KM19  Widnes
Tom            Chorley
Steve          Newcastle u Lyme
Dave            Beacon Fell
Steve          Dean Clough Res
Joe              St Helen's
Eddie          Skelmersdale
Barry            Ashurst Beacon
Geoff          Abergele
Bob              Guide Bridge
Liam            Stockport
Rod              Salford
Nigel            Lowton
Dave            Bolton
Lee              Duckinfield
John            Haslingdon
Keith            Wrexham
Max              Stalybridge
Another great net thanks all for joining in ,sorry  if we missed anyone and don't forget Thursdays test and chat night ch6 19.00pm
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


PMR net Sunday 3.9.23
AndyP     Ashurst Beacon
PeteW     Ashurst Beacon
Nigel       West Aughton
Martin     West Aughton
Mick        Huyton
Liam        Stockport
Alan         Abergele
Chris        Old Colwyn
Mick        Matchmoor Bolton
Dave         Lowton
Pete          Runcorn
Marek       Ashurst Beacon
Mike          Skelmersdale
Tony           St. Helens
Kenny        Wythenshaw
Barry Chuckle
Lee             Dukinfield
Steve         Runcorn
Hamilton  Wigan
Mr Mike    Mow Cop
Keith.        Wrexham
John Boy   Mobile M60
Mark          Salford
Roy S         Skelmersdale
Eddie         Skelmersdale
Steve         Newcastle U L
Nigel          Lowton
Tom           Chester
Dave          Wigan
Warren      ???
Steve         St. Helens
Mike           Winsford
Arthur        Burscough
Charlie      Kidsgrove
34 confirmed, 1 doubtful
Thanks to all for calling in sorry if we missed anyone.
Test and Chat on Thursday at 7pm on Ch6
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013

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12 Jun 2024 21:31:13
Razz229: 13th of June, SSB net channel 39 mid-block LSB, 27.395 MHz, starts at 20:00 UK local time

03 Jun 2024 00:24:46
Tangovictor: 03-06-24 PMR net, channel 14 from 8 o'clock tonight. Area covered Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London, Essex and a few other places as well.

30 May 2024 23:24:10
John: Cheers Tony  up and running now the world is up for grabs Yippee  ;D  ;D  ;D

30 May 2024 14:15:18
Tony: Brilliant John, and I see you had QSO's wth David and Stu on 40M. Didn't take you long did it? Lol

29 May 2024 23:11:15
John: Thank you Tony I have now got the inverted V antenna up with 40M & 20M Cheers Buddy

27 May 2024 09:05:34
Razz229: 27-05-24 PMR net, channel 14 from 8 o'clock tonight. Area covered Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London, Essex and a few other places as well.

26 May 2024 11:34:38
John: Thank You for the Birthday wishes  guys  cheers 73's

22 May 2024 22:13:01
Razz229: I'm late to the party, 'appy birthday John 🎂

21 May 2024 22:44:03
Admin: A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN CT4515 for the 22nd May. :) 8)

12 May 2024 11:55:41
Tony: I didn't , but I'm sure a lot did. :)