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Hello from sunny Burgess Hill

Started by M0XYF, Oct 25, 2022, 07:30 PM

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Hi folks.

I love a good forum, so thought I'd support this one!

I know how much work goes into them, as I've run a few myself over the years - mostly on SMF as it goes.

Haven't done much CB in recent years either, but often wonder what's going on locally on 11m. The answer always seems to be 'not a lot', but honestly, I think I'm just living on the wrong side of the South Downs.

Have been selling most of my CB gear in the last few months, but will always hold onto my Cobra 148 GTL-DX, my Bremi BRL200 and my CTE Spitfire PZ1. They certainly saw some action back in the 80's and 90's. Still have a load of Amstrad 901's, Midlands and so on as well.

Now I do a lot of tech-stuff on the amateur bands. So much new technology to play with it's incredible, and most of it's low-cost or free.

All the best,

Barney M0XYF
Webmaster at Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society
#msars @MidSussexARS


Hello and welcome to our site Barney. (As you will see we don't have many members at present as I have been distracted in the last couple of months and not even advertised the site so far).

On the UK band there isn't much apart from the usual on Ch19! ::) On Mids there is plenty if you search,  T5 is quite active at times but my main target is Networks. I can recommend the Southern Area and South Coast SSB Net on Thursdays @ 8 PM Channel 39 mid-block or 27.395 MHz LSB. As you can see from the logs you should be able to reach quite a few from your QTH. It would be great to hear you on there at some point as it's always good to reach more people, there is even one old chap from BH who is on there and that is Graham who's callsign is OM001.

I note that you are a member of MSARS, do you happen to know if visitors can buy/bid on items on Friday evening or is it members only?
I am considering joining but as membership has to go before the comittee there won't be time for the surplus equipment sale this week.

Tony M7DVQ

M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Hi Tony.

All good. Every forum has to start somewhere, and it feels like you're talking to yourself for quite a long time - just keep going and it'll be fine. The more you post, the more interest you'll get.

Yes, I'm a member of MSARS, and now run their website as well as a few other bits, including creating a new training academy for them.

Non-members are very welcome on Friday to bid and buy. Several members bring their mates along, so please drop in if you're interested. It's upstairs in Starford Suite, but I'll be downstairs in Millfield installing our new club radio - though I'll try and catch you and say hello if you make it over to Burgess Hill.

Membership applications are really straightforward these days - just join online at - there's nothing more to it than that. I'm sure I can get you a discount on membership fees for this year as it's nearly November already!

I'll have a listen round for the CB nets, and see if I can get an antenna tuned for 11m.

Good to chat to you.

Barney (AKA Berni, depending on who you talk to!)
Webmaster at Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society
#msars @MidSussexARS


Thanks for your response Barney (Berni), I will get to B.Hill Somehow and look forward to meeting you and others. My mate John CT4515 will possibly also come along and act as my pilot as I don't drive anymore. ;D

I do know about the snails pace at starting a forum I ran a successful one for 10 years before handing over to a friend.

Many thanks,

ps. Please ignore the contact form message I sent to MSARS, I thought you had missed this message this evening. :-[

M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Gotcha. No problem.

Look forward to meeting you :)

Be prepared to go home with a car full of 'stuff'... it all tends to go very cheap!

Congrats on your M7. We have several M7's and several ex-CBers.
Webmaster at Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society
#msars @MidSussexARS


Looks as if it's a Metrobus for me, John can't make it.
Beware, I shall track you down. ;D
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Hello Barney

Welcome to the forum . hope to chat sometime some . sounds like you have some good old radios from the 80s etc . I only just come back on 11m in the last few months . I was first on in the mid 80s and now enjoying it very much. Hopefully I will have my foundation licence soon . Any way glad your onboard
and take care .

Regards John CT4515. 73s 


Awesome. Cheers John.

Met up with Tony this evening at our junk sale. All good fun. Boy was there a load of stuff getting cleared out of various garages and whatnot. Quite a bit of CB gear there too.

I think Tony's planning on joining, and of course you would be very welcome too. The more the merrier.

If you need any help with your Foundation licence, there are loads of us that would be only too willing to help you out or just give you some moral support. I reckon you'll find it very achievable.

I'm sure we'll get the chance to meet up at some point. We're often prowling around up on the downs with our kit - usually at Jack & Jill car park, and usually during the day.

Webmaster at Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society
#msars @MidSussexARS

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