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Official Sunday Night PMR446 Ch8 UK Net

Started by Tony, Dec 05, 2022, 07:08 PM

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PMR Log for Sunday 28th April 2024
Andy Gorn  Darwin
James  Wythenshaw
James. Caldecott
Max  Prestaven Sands
Nigel  West Aughton
Dave  Manchester
Steve  Hartshead Pike
Marek  Ashurst
Martin. West Aughton
Mick. Radcliffe  (r)
Reg. Ormskirk
Roy  Skelmersdale
Mo. Halkyn Mountain
Charlie. Kidsgrove
Steve. Rochdale
Nigel. Leigh
Eddie. Skelmersdale
Dave  mobile M58
Tony. St Helens
Mike. Skelmersdale
Pete. Chorley (r)
John Blackpool
Blake  Southport
Keith  Blackpool
Mark. Blackpool
Carl. Skelmersdale
Paul. Fleetwood (r)
John. Wigan
Alan  Wigan
Brian. Blackpool
Paul. Blackpool
Anon?. Blackpool
Mr Mike. Mow Cop
Pete. Ormskirk
Mike. Winsford
Kevin. Pendle Hill
Gaz  Stockport
Bob. Guide Bridge  (r)
Ross. Ashton Cricket Club
Alison. Wigan (sorry H)
Brad. Ramsbottom
Liam. Stockport
K M19 Kenny. Widnes
Marcus. St Helens
Andy. Chorley area
John. Werneth Low
Kaylem. Bolton
Ken. Warrington
Ray 3 wheeler  Blackpool
Phil. Huyton
Phil. Wrexham
Kenny. Southport
Chris. Old Colwyn
Andy P  Skelmersdale
Ash. Dukinfield
Dan. Wigan
Steve. Newcastle-u-Lyme
Steve. Litherland
John  Bidston Observatory
John Shevington
Aidey  Mirfield West Yorks
Colin   Wrexham
John Knutsford (r)
Kevin. Liverpool
Tony  Altrincham
Gaz. Stockport
Dion. Dukinfield
Sarah  Chorley
Gaz. Biddulph
Me Pete  Ashurst
(r) = relayed
Totals 71 brilliant score , thanks to all who called in to make this one of if not the best score to date
Many thanks to our helpers who travelled to pastures new to assist
Listen out Thursday for Test and Chat night Ch6 @ 7pm
73's. Pete
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Sundays PMR 8&8 net on ch6
               5th May
Steve          Frodsham
Bert             Belfast
Pete            Ashurst Beacon
Daz             St Helen's
Paul            South Shore Blackpool
Pete            South Shore Blackpool
Mike           Skelmersdale
Charlie       mobile Mow Cop
Jonathan   mobile Mow Cop
Tom            Runcorn mobile
Ant              Strettford
Bob             Guide Bridge
Dave           Ashurst Beacon
AndyP        Ashurst Beacon
Bill              Huyton
Ross           Wythenshawe
Kevin          Halkyn Mountain
Paul            Affertside
Mark           St Helen's
Mr Mike      Mow Cop
Mark           Fairhaven Lake Lytham St Ann's
Jimbo         Jubile Tower
Colin           20 mile North Dublin
John           North Shore Blackpool
Kevin          Liverpool
Mark           Dublin
Pete            Runcorn
Barry           Ashurst Beacon
Bob              Dublin
Blake           Southport
Hamilton     Wigan
Steve            Newcastle u Lyme
Pete              Wrexham
Dave             Congleton
Brian             Runcorn
Eddie            Skelmersdale
Skattey         North Shore Blackpool
John             North Shore Blackpool
AndyG          Darwin
Mick              Worsley
Mick              Bury
Lee                Stalybridge
Mark              St Helen's
Johnboy        Hazel Grove
James           Oldham
Lee                 Duckinfield
Tony               St Helen's
Ken                 Warrington
Steve              Knutsford
Steve              Warrington
Tom                Bury
Dean               Altrincham
Chris               Old Colwyn
Roy                  Skelmersdale??
Jim                  Mow Cop
Mike                Winsford
Shamak          North Dublin
Max                 Stalybridge Tameside
Did anyone hear Steve Peter's RAF Valley Anglesey I know he spoke to Irish station
Hi numbers again thanks all for joining in the net sorry if we missed anyone got a bit mad at times with the Irish stations coming in and station over here trying to make contact


Sundays PMR 8&8 net on ch6
              19th May
Steve            Keele
Mike             Skelmersdale
Dave             Ashurst Beacon
Kevin            Ashurst Beacon
John             Bolton walking dog
Charlie         Kidsgrove
Mark             Frodsham
Steve            Southport
Ant                Strettford
Keith             Blackpool
Steve             Halkyn
Chris             Old Colwyn
Blake             Southport
Mike               Huyton
Pete               Sledgehammer  ??
Paul               Fleetwood
John Jackson   Lytham Windmill
John              Blackpool N Shore
Joe                M6  j23
Tony              St Helen's
Pete               Ashurst Beacon
KM19             Kenny   Widnes
Mo                 Halkyn Mountain
Dave              Wigan
Colin              20 mile North Dublin Ireland
Brian              Fairhaven Lake Lytham
Dave              Beacon Fell
James           Wythenshawe
Pete               Newton Le Willows
Tom               Chester Pale Hill
Diane             Ashurst Beacon
John              Wigan
Carl                Skelmersdale
Mick               Bury
Martin            Altrincham?
Steve              Altrincham?
Nathan           Pemberton Wigan
Bob                 Guide Bridge
Dave               Congleton
Tom                Bury
Lucas             Stockport
John               Bidston Hill Birkenhead
Steff               Ashurst Beacon
Ollie                Wigan
Dave               Wigan
Steve              Newcastle u Lyme
Barry               Chuckle Crewe
Mike                Liverpool
Colin               Wrexham
Ken                 Warrington
Skattey           Blackpool N Shore
Nigel               Lowton/Leigh
Max                 Stalybridge Tameside
Started good then we had keyers, laughing policeman high pitched carriers but still got a good number of stations in the log , thanks Blake Southport and Steve on Halkyn Mountain for bringing a lot of stations in

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12 Jun 2024 21:31:13
Razz229: 13th of June, SSB net channel 39 mid-block LSB, 27.395 MHz, starts at 20:00 UK local time

03 Jun 2024 00:24:46
Tangovictor: 03-06-24 PMR net, channel 14 from 8 o'clock tonight. Area covered Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London, Essex and a few other places as well.

30 May 2024 23:24:10
John: Cheers Tony  up and running now the world is up for grabs Yippee  ;D  ;D  ;D

30 May 2024 14:15:18
Tony: Brilliant John, and I see you had QSO's wth David and Stu on 40M. Didn't take you long did it? Lol

29 May 2024 23:11:15
John: Thank you Tony I have now got the inverted V antenna up with 40M & 20M Cheers Buddy

27 May 2024 09:05:34
Razz229: 27-05-24 PMR net, channel 14 from 8 o'clock tonight. Area covered Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London, Essex and a few other places as well.

26 May 2024 11:34:38
John: Thank You for the Birthday wishes  guys  cheers 73's

22 May 2024 22:13:01
Razz229: I'm late to the party, 'appy birthday John 🎂

21 May 2024 22:44:03
Admin: A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN CT4515 for the 22nd May. :) 8)

12 May 2024 11:55:41
Tony: I didn't , but I'm sure a lot did. :)