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PMR Beam

Started by John, Feb 01, 2023, 09:00 PM

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Hi Everyone
Just thought to add a couple of pics of my Home brew Beam. Enjoy any questions please ask .


Cheers John


Hello Everyone.

As promised I have some more info on the PMR Beam.I will try and keep it short. lol!

List of Parts and Pics.

1. Motor controller.
2. Motor and flange plate.
3. length of 21.5mm over flow & 25mm round conduit  with a couple of pipe joiners and tee shape joiners for 25mm pipe , plus 4mm steel rod  from B&Q.
4. large choc block for driving element.
5. Coax and plug & any 2 core wire to connect to motor, I used speaker wire.

Amazon links .

1. Motor Controller. Here
2. Motor. Here            
3. Motor flange. Here

I used a Yagi Uda calculator  for sizes of elements and spacing etc. which is Here
just enter frequency etc and bingo all sizes etc ready for you.

The top view with inners of the choc block holding the driving elements.

The under side with the 21.5mm smaller pipe inside the 25mm so it can twist freely with a couple of pipe joiners and tee in middle so it can sit on the motor spindle.

Motor with the smaller 21.5mm section of pipe fixed to the flange, I used a bit of timber rounded to fit in the 21.5mm glued and screwed.

This all parts lined up and slide into each other. It just works great with the pipe joiners etc they all just fit right. I did put some grease on the section on flange for smooth operation.

Well i hope this helps out any one and if you need more info or help just ask. I could always build you one if needed.

Hope to catch you on air sometime soon.

Regards John 26CT4515   

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