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Golf Echo Thursday Net

Started by Admin, Mar 05, 2023, 11:01 PM

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EVERY Thursday 7pm till 8.30pm
On Channel 38 UK FM (27.971.25 FM)


9th March
hosted by me
Richard GE67    Brenchley.

Joined by following stations.
GE008 Rob      Snodland
GE163 Ed        Folkestone mobile
WC812 Stuart    Dover
CT4515 John    Ditchling
TE310 Kevin    Leigh on Sea
AM095 Colin    Maidstone
CT11111 John    Tunbridge wells
GE07 Rob        Tenterden
CAM17 John      Strood
Ciderpipe Simon Dartford
Luke the spook  Dartford
CT4186 Del      Lakeside
CT3855 Pete    All Hallows


16th March.
Thursday evening net.
Joined by stations.

CT4515 John  Ditchling.
CT4029 Tom    Blackheath.
GE12 Tim      Fairlight.
MR121 Mat    Copthorne.
Lee          Ivinghoe Hill, nr Leighton Buzzard.
D31 Adam      Hastings.
FB20 Johno    South Downs, Chichester.
GE163 Ed      Folkestone.
AM095 Colin  Maidstone.
Nick.        Rotherhithe.
GE07 Rob      Eastbourne (mobile)
Turbo charger & Hot Wheels    Sevenoaks.
Jay          Grays,Essex.
Thank you to CT4515 and CT4029 for 10/5 ing to stations that I couldn't hear.


Golf Echo Net 23/3/23.
Chaired by GE67
Richard @ Brenchley.
Joined in blustery wet conditions by following stations.
GE812 Stuart      Dover.
GE003 Dick        Romney Marsh.
GE07 Rob          Mobile Reigate Hill /A21.
MR121 Matt        Copthorne.
CT11111 John      Tunbridge wells.
CT3287 Steve      Tunbridge wells.
CT5588 Chris      Welling Garden.
CT4029 Tom        Blackheath.
CT4186 Dan        Thurrock.
Speedbird, Russel Reigate Hill.
Interference was strong which didn't help.
Thanks for joining guys hopefully conditions are better next week.


Last night was chaired by myself on 30/3/22
GE 67 Richard @ Brenchley
And joined by
CI 2290 Ray @ Ashdown Forest.
Pete @ Tonbridge.
George @Tonbridge.
GE008 Rob @Snodland.


Quote from: Admin on Mar 31, 2023, 08:44 AMLast night was chaired by myself on 30/3/22
GE 67 Richard @ Brenchley
And joined by
CI 2290 Ray @ Ashdown Forest.
Pete @ Tonbridge.
George @Tonbridge.
GE008 Rob @Snodland.

Well done to Richard for sticking with it and braving the weather 👍


Golf Echo Net. 6/4/23
Chaired by myself 26GE67 @Brenchley Kent.
Joined by
TE04 Dale  Langdon Hills.
TE61 Pat  Langdon Hills.
GE2020 Mat  Norths seat, Hastings.
GE07 Rob  Mobile A21. 7oaks to Tenterden.
CT4515 John  Ditchling Beacon.
GE03 Dick  Romney Marsh.
CT3649  Joe  Wadhurst.
D31 Adam  Hastings.
LT128 Roger  Bexleyheath.
CT4013 Tony  Brighton.

Thanks to those that joined..


CH 38 net. 11/05/23
Was chaired by Myself Richard GE67.
Static/mobile Coxheath, Maidstone.
Joined by.
CT4515 John.     Ditchling Beacon.
RC402 Tom.       Blackheath.
HS1172 Pete.     Maidstone.
Ross,            Essex.
GE2020 Matt.     Fairlight.
GE07 Rob.        Tenterden.
CT1364 Dennis.   Cranbrook.
GE163 Ed & Thea. Farthing Common.
CT3649 Joe.      Wadhurst.
Wayne,           Wadhurst.
CT3855 Pete.     All Hallows.
Thanks for joining.


GE net 18/05/23 on ch 38 UK FM
Wow what a net this evening..
Joining me Richard was
GE2020 Mat          Fairlight
DD002 John mobile   Pembury
GE07 Rob            Tenterden
UK175 Wayne         Wadhurst
CT4515 John         Ditchling Beacon
CT4013 Tony         Brighton
But most surprising
30FB131 Ian
South East Spain.
Waved in and out a little but a few of us managed the trip to him.
That's what it's all about .
Little surprises like that 😆


Thursday 25/05/23 eve Net was joined by.
Mat GE2020      Fairlight
John CT4515     Ditchling Beacon
Ed GE163        Farthing Common
Dennis          Mereworth
Rob GE07        Mobile Hastings
John DD002      Horsmonden
Ray CI2290      Ashdown Forest
Steve KP441     Ditchling Beacon
Tony CT4013     Brighton
Thanks guys for joining.



Here is my report for the Golf Echo held on the 25/05/2023

Having a bit of time before my chairman duties on the Southern Area & South Coast SSB.
I thought I would give the Golf Echo net, on channel 38 UKFM another go.

So my location was Ashdown Forest, near Crowborough, in the county of East Sussex and my set up was the Anytone AT-6666 (no amp & no power mic) with a Solarcon A99 mounted to a 3 meter pole all powered by a 12 volt car battery.

I called "QSK 2290 on the side" and within moments was brought in.

Here is my list of stations I worked

GE 163--Ed--Folkstone--Kent
GE 67--Richard--Near Maidstone--Kent--In the chair
GE 2020--Matt--Near Hastings--East Sussex
KP 441--Steve--Ditchling Beacon--East Sussex--Testing out a Mini Springer and get some surprising results
CT 4515--John--Ditchling Beacon--East Sussex

Thank you to the GE group for making me welcome and if you fancy some UKFM action, give the guys a try.

Best 73

Ray 2290


Thursday evening Golf Echo Net was chaired by (ME)15/06/23
GE67 Richard
on Hunton Hill Maidstone Kent.
On CH38 FM
Joined by following stations.
GE93 Taylor Hailsham
DF /Roger Roger mobile Marden,Kent
CI2290 Ray Ashdown Forest
GE07 Rob
Mobile Burwash
UK175 Wayne
GE03 Dick
Romney Marsh
GE 164 Thea
Farthing Common
GE 163 Ed
Farthing Common
CT4515 John
Ditchling Beacon
JS07 James
Blue Bell Hill, Kent
1CM020 Ian
TE310 Kevin
Leigh on Sea
DD002 John
D31 Adam


Hello & welcome

Here is my report for the GE FM net held on 15/06/2023

Having a bit of spare time before the Southern Area & South Coast SSB net, I thought I would enjoy some FM radio. So my plan was to get to Radio Corner, set up and call out to the GE net.

When I arrived at Radio Corner, to my horror 😱 , my corner was already taken by a amateur who was doing a CW contest. So I drove up to him with purpose and had an enjoyable conversation about radio's, the exam, idiots on radio and mutual friends Nigel & Toby. Being true to my word, I wished him best 73 and good DX, and headed off to secret corner on Ashdown 🌳 Forest to set up the Anytone AT-6666 and the Solarcon A99.

Once set up, I listened for a few minutes and then called in with "2290 on the side", Richard finished his Qso and then invited me in to the group.

Here is my list of stations I heard (H) and worked (W) while on.
All stations are 26 division unless otherwise stated.

GE 67--Richard--Near Maidstone--Kent--(W) in the chair
GE 93--Taylor--Hailsham--East Sussex--(W)
GE 07--Robert--Heathfield--East Sussex--(W) and was mobile 🚗
UK 175--Wayne--Wadhurst--East Sussex--(W) sounded different to what I'm used to on SSB
GE 03--Dick--Old Romney--Kent--(H)
GE 163--Ed--Farthing Common--Kent--(W)
GE 164--Thea--Farthing Common--Kent--(W) well done for conquering the mic shyness 👍
CT 4515--John--Ditchling Beacon--East Sussex--(H)
JS 07--James--Bluebell Hill--Kent--(H)
1 CM 020--Italy--(H)

I must also say sorry to Richard who I had laughing with my BIG antenna comments ‼

Thank you all on the net for making me welcome and I look forward to next time 😃

Best 73

Ray 2290

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12 Jun 2024 21:31:13
Razz229: 13th of June, SSB net channel 39 mid-block LSB, 27.395 MHz, starts at 20:00 UK local time

03 Jun 2024 00:24:46
Tangovictor: 03-06-24 PMR net, channel 14 from 8 o'clock tonight. Area covered Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London, Essex and a few other places as well.

30 May 2024 23:24:10
John: Cheers Tony  up and running now the world is up for grabs Yippee  ;D  ;D  ;D

30 May 2024 14:15:18
Tony: Brilliant John, and I see you had QSO's wth David and Stu on 40M. Didn't take you long did it? Lol

29 May 2024 23:11:15
John: Thank you Tony I have now got the inverted V antenna up with 40M & 20M Cheers Buddy

27 May 2024 09:05:34
Razz229: 27-05-24 PMR net, channel 14 from 8 o'clock tonight. Area covered Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London, Essex and a few other places as well.

26 May 2024 11:34:38
John: Thank You for the Birthday wishes  guys  cheers 73's

22 May 2024 22:13:01
Razz229: I'm late to the party, 'appy birthday John 🎂

21 May 2024 22:44:03
Admin: A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN CT4515 for the 22nd May. :) 8)

12 May 2024 11:55:41
Tony: I didn't , but I'm sure a lot did. :)