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Weather Pictures

Started by John, Feb 12, 2023, 08:19 PM

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Hi Everyone

I thought to add a couple of my first attempt at capturing images from the weather satellites.
I will be adding some of the antenna in the home brew section very soon.


Cheers John  26CT4515


Brilliant John, what's it like to be clever? :P  :)
Seriously though, I'm amazed you get such good images after only a few weeks since the start of your satellite image downloads.

M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Amazing John. Very professional.

My first attempts were rubbish, and I never did work out how to colourise and overlay them :(

I gave up too easily, but I might come back to this one day - with a proper antenna!

Webmaster at Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society
#msars @MidSussexARS


Hi Thank you Bernie.
It was fun and your picture is still good , the colourise is in the record options when processing . When you do try again let me know and I will help .

Regards John 73s


Hello Everyone

Had another go at some pictures . MMM  did not go quite to plan , but i will get there in the end .

Hope to catch you on air sometime soon.

Regards CT4515 John


Who needs the Met Office when we have our very own weather man 😃


Morning Radio Enthusiasts (AKA Nutters) LOL.

Fine tuning the pictures, so here is todays Result.

Cloud Cover

Possible Rain Fall.

Sea Temps ??.


Hope you enjoy, I certainly have , Until the next report LOL 8)  8) .

Regards John CT4515


Morning John

For us 'nutters' in the Corner wearing shorts.

What do the last 3 pictures show?


Quote from: Razz229 on Jan 21, 2024, 12:44 PMMorning John

For us 'nutters' in the Corner wearing shorts.

What do the last 3 pictures show?

Hi buddy the 2nd Is rain fall 3rd Sea temperture i think and last is  thermal tempertures i think .


A vast improvement John, well done mate. 8)
If only you were sure of what each pic indicated. Lol ;)  :)
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Morning Everyone

NOAA 15 as of this mornings  pass  07.30am UTC
Elevation 50 deg , Azimuth 100,  Southbound , 137.62 MHz 

Cloud Cover

Sea Temp.

Hope to catch you on air sometime soon.

73's John CT4515



Morning Everyone

NOAA 19 Pass this morning. 09.20 UTC
Elevation 64 deg, Azimuth 103, Southbound. 137.10 MHz

Cloud Cover

Rain precip

Hope to catch you on air sometime soon .

73's John CT4515


Great stuff John, maybe I will attempt the same later this year! :)  8)
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Morning Everyone

Getting back on track with some good pictures again , No human error what so ever it was all the computers fault really LOL.
We have NOAA 19 Southbound 81 deg East at 09.38 UTC  Cloud cover.


NOAA 19 Southbound 81 deg East at 09.38 UTC Rain precip.


Last one is a false colour image forn NOAA APT based on temperture . Provides a good way of visualising cloud temperatures.


Thats all thank you for having a look and enjoy .
Until next episode of Jonny's weather update.  LOL

Hope to catch you on air sometime soon . 73's CT4515 John


Great pics again John, well done sir.
I expect you have told me before but what software do you use?

I really need to experiment with this, if only to confuse my brain even more! ;D  ;)



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