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Radio Box Update

Started by John, May 13, 2024, 08:57 AM

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Hi everyone

As you all know i can't help my self but build things . So here's a step up to the next level
from wooden box to a sparkly metal one. These photos were taken when the SSB net on 9th May .



To my surprise i manage to run the McKinley all night from the 12v 5Amp battery in the last picture.
Any way enjoy and hope to catch you on air sometime soon.

Regards John CT4515  73's


Cor blimey mate, that is a mega upgrade from the wooden box. Sparkly is the word, well done John that should make a few operators jealous. :)  8) 
M7DVQ * * * 26 CT 4013


Thank you Tony

Its is sparkly MMM maybe a few blue LED's might finish it off LOL ;D  ;D  ;D



Give us me tool box back 😉😆

That is a nice box John and I think Blue LED's would go well with the Grey and shiny trim 👍


Great 👍👍👍
Very nice radio set up and GOBOX.
Be careful of LED's.
I used to put a few ones in my box and it created QRM.

Best 73
14FRS119  Jacky
Normandy France


Cheers everyone for positive feedback . I will keep an eye on the QRM Jacky , Thank you for the warning .
Best 73's

John CT4515  ;D  ;D



26 May 2024 11:34:38
John: Thank You for the Birthday wishes  guys  cheers 73's

22 May 2024 22:13:01
Razz229: I'm late to the party, 'appy birthday John 🎂

21 May 2024 22:44:03
Admin: A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN CT4515 for the 22nd May. :) 8)

12 May 2024 11:55:41
Tony: I didn't , but I'm sure a lot did. :)

11 May 2024 15:14:36
Razz229: Anybody going out to to see if the Northern lights happen again?

06 May 2024 12:07:41
Razz229: Don't forget it's Monday, so the South Coast/Monday night PMR on channel 14 will be on tonight from 8 o'clock UK time

01 May 2024 21:30:56
Razz229: A plug for the Southern Area & South Coast UK SSB Net, 2nd May from 20:00 UK time, channel 39 LSB midblock/FCC

27 Apr 2024 13:10:22
Razz229: G5TM live streaming on YouTube at the moment

24 Apr 2024 21:01:47
Razz229: Oi! Oi! Southern Area and South Coast SSB Net. Thursday Night from 20:00 hrs local time, channel 39 LSB 27.395 MHz

27 Mar 2024 22:37:14
Razz229: Shameless plug for the Southern Area and South Coast LSB Net on channel 39 midblock starts at 20:30ish or before UK time.